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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) officially launched its mobile money services dubbed CBE Birr on December 11, 2017 after successfully testing its functionality for six months.
CBE Birr is a mobile based banking whereby the bank selects, trains and authorizes agents to provide banking services on behalf of the bank through a mobile phone. It is deployed as a means of extending financial services to  the unbanked segment of the public.
Customers may no longer need to travel long distances to visit CBE branch as they can get the service from the nearest CBE agents through CBE Birr.  A CBE Birr customer can deposit, withdraw, transfer money, make payments, buy mobile airtime and pay bill using a mobile phone in a very simple and convenient way.
In order to get access to CBE Birr services, a customer needs to go to the nearby authorized agent with her/his mobile number and valid ID.
CBE Birr is believed to contribute a lot to build up saving culture of the public and streamline financial transaction and payment system of the country.
To date, the bank has succeeded in recruiting over 2,260 agents, over 1,350 merchants who receive payments through CBE Birr and over 225, 980 CBE Birr customers. 
The bank will continue playing its leading role in drawing the unbanked segment of the public to the financial system in order to stimulate development and economic growth.