The inhabitants of 40/60 Condominium Houses at Sengatera and Kality sites have established a dwellers’ association that insures proper management of the apartments and communal utilities. The occupants formed the association at a meeting they held on 17th September 2017. A draft statute developed by a provisional committee was also discussed and endorsed during the meeting. According to Ato Kidane Mengesha, Director of Consumer Loan Administration Division of CBE, along transferring the apartments to the beneficiaries, the Bank has created understanding with all stakeholders on ways of enabling the inhabitants to collaborate in the proper management of the houses and communal utilities. Unlike the other housing development projects, the 40/60 projects have many communal utilities, he said, adding that the establishments of associations will therefore have paramount importance to insure proper management. The meeting was attended by inhabitants from the two sites, officials of the sub-cities, invited guests and other stakeholders