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The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has inaugurated today the first ever branch in the country that only serves the Ethiopian Diaspora.
Ato Bacha Gina, President and CEO of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, and Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General Woizero Selamawit Dawit inaugurated the branch.  
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Ato Bacha said the opening of the branch is a manifestation of the commitment of the bank to fully serve the Ethiopian Diaspora and meet their demands.
This newly opened Diaspora Branch is designed to provide efficient and comfortable services like mortgage loans, foreign exchange and international-banking services as well as  other alternative banking services for the Ethiopian Diaspora, he added.
According to Ato Bacha, CBE has also been devising a new investment project that will be unveiled soon to benefit the diaspora.
Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General, Woizero Selamawit Dawit on her part appreciated CBE for opening a specially designed new branch that serves the diaspora by taking into account their contribution to the nation’s development endeavours.
Senior government officials, officials of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency leaders of the Diaspora Association, Ethiopian Diasporas  residing in USA, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as high officials of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and invited guests attended the inauguration ceremony.