Ministry of Revenues has awarded the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) for being the most loyal top taxpayer by paying over 3.5 billion Birr in the fiscal year 2018/19. 

The first class platinum award is the highest of the total 163 loyal taxpayers that  earned recognition by the ministry.

Chief Finance Officer Woizero Melika Bedri, who received the award from Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed, said CBE has been a loyal taxpayer over the years, as it does not shy away from fulfilling its role in the development of the nation.  

Account and Finance Report Director Ato Samson Amdisa on his part said the recognition and award received is exemplary for other institutions. 

The bank will continue expanding its modern banking service in order to make the national tax collecting system fast and efficient, he added. 

Ministry of Revenues recognized a total of 163 loyal taxpayers by awarding platinum, gold, and silver awards.