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Lottery winners of the 8th Round CBE Prize-Linked Savings Programme were publicized on August 1, 2019.

The biggest prizes of the 8th round, the five apartments went to Beyeda, Hossana, Jarso, Wolayta Sodo, and Bobicho branches.

Speaking on the occasion, CBE President and CEO Bacha Gina said this programme is different from the previous seven round programmes as it had two parts.

The first category covered the period from January 2 to April 1,2019 with bundles of prize that include 15 three-wheel vehicles, 15 motor bicycles, 15 electric and gas stoves, and 750 smart phones.

This second category with the biggest prizes will be announced today, Ato Bacha said, adding that a total of 1,595 prizes have been allocated for the 8th round.

The prizes for the second category included 5 apartments, 15 three-wheel vehicles, 15 motor bicycles,  15 electric and gas stoves, and 750 smart phones.

Customers who deposit 500 birr and above during specified periods are entitled to receive coupon numbers through their cell phones upon depositing the money in any of the branches of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Of these customers, winners are determined by lottery drawn at the National Lottery here in Addis. 

Officials of CBE, National Lottery Administration and invited guests attended the lottery drawing session for the 8th round CBE Prize-Linked Savings Programme.