Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, in collaboration with the leading digital money transfer service WorldRemit, has launched  its first international mobile money transfer service to Ethiopia. 

The strategic partnership would enable Ethiopian Diasporas living in over 50 countries to transfer money to over 1.2 million CBE Birr wallets as well as any mobile phone in the country.
They  can  also transfer money quickly and securely to over 20 million CBE bank accounts and 1,340 plus CBE bank branches.
Commenting about the launching of the service,  CBE President Bacha Gina said, “We are proud to be a pioneering bank in modernizing Ethiopia’s payment systems. The various e-payment facilities deployed have enabled us to become the number one provider of technology based banking service.”

Head of East and Central Africa at WorldRemit, Sharon Kinyanjui, on her part said the strategic partnership between CBE and WorldRemit would enable Ethiopians currently underserved groups, including rural communities and low-income households to receive money,  sent from Ethiopian Diasporas directly to their mobile phones.
The new international mobile money transfer service offers the diasporas low cost and secure way to send money home directly to any mobile phone in Ethiopia. 
For more information on how to send money to Ethiopia, visit the WorldRemit website ( ).