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The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has awarded goods and services exporters and money transfer operators for their outstanding performances at a special event held at Hilton Addis on December 20, 2018.
One hundred and five organizations, which generated more than 1 million USD during 2017/18 budget year, received awards.
Among the 105 organizations, Western Union, Ethiopian Airlines and Midroc Gold received special awards for standing first, second and third respectively.
CBE Board of Directors Chairperson, Ato Ahmed Abitew congratulated the awardees on their excellent performance. He said the award is in recognition of their excellent performance, which would motivate them to perform better in the coming years.
CBE President Ato Bacha Gina on his part said the bank’s newly structured International Trade Service Division would provide better and effective service for exporters working with the bank.
He added the bank will strengthen its relationship with exporters by organizing  consultative forums from which the bank will learn a lot and improve its service delivery.