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February 22, 2018
Title Number Type Summary Start Date Due Date Published Is Active
Principal Research and Development Officer (Re-Advertized) November 23, 2014 External

Position:  Principal Research and Development Officer (Re-Advertized)

Place of Work:   Addis Ababa

Educational Qualification:  PhD  in  Economics, related  fields  from Statistics, recognized Environmental  Science  or universities.  A  Candidate with strong quantitatively  oriented  economics  degree  is considered as appropriate for the post.


Work Experience: Relevant and  progressive  experience  in research,  policy analysis     and     economic     modeling. A publications record is an added advantage.

Salary :  As per the Bank’s salary scale

Term of Employment : Permanent

The Job holder’s key:  good     research

responsibilities will be to:

•   Regularly conduct researches of high quality;

•    Monitor global and domestic macro economic data, analyze same and prepare timely reports for the board of management and top management’s consumption;

•   plan to resolve economic and business problems and develop models to analyze, explain and forecast economic behavior and patterns;

•    Regularly advise senior bank managements and government offices on matters such as finance, fiscal and monetary policies, international trade policies, agricultural and industrial polices, etc. and their implications to the Bank and the economy;

•   Forecast production and consumption of specific products and services based on records of

past production and consumption and general economic and industry-specific conditions;

•    Analyze investment opportunities by building investment models to identify niche markets, sector, etc;

             •   Analyze  relationships  between  the  various  economic  variables/indictors  and  market

performance; identify drivers of asset returns; back-test appropriate factors, etc;

  •   Based on analytical sound and balanced methodologies; provide evidence based advisory services on the domestic and   global economy;

•     Conduct bank specific case studies to give an insight to the management’s decision making process;

•   Prepare forecast of income and expenditure, interest rates and exchange rates;

•     Study  the  nature  of  money,  credit  and  the  operation  of  banks  and  other  financial institutions to develop monetary policies and forecast of financial activity;

•   Be responsible for regularly collecting global and local macroeconomic data from reliable

sources  and  make  a  thorough  analysis  and  presents  its  findings  for  the  bank  and government decision making bodies;

•     Will have the responsibility to develop and maintain a network with CBE processes, NBE, MOFED, MOI, MOT, Investment offices, CSA, ECX and other pertinent government and non-government offices to collect time series data for its analysis and use.

•   Regularly conduct market intelligence tasks  to  monitor competitors move  and  develop

counter strategy to maintain and/or expand the market share of the bank;

•   Carry out studies on resource mobilization to support the decision making process of the


•   Developing new channels and monitor existing service delivery channels;

•     Work with the operational processes to plan, schedule, specify and deliver product and service development plans;

•   Responsible for supporting and enforcing the product development process in the bank;

•     Perform market analysis to generate information to develop products and services and product solutions to meet market needs and expectations;

•   Perform detailed competitive analysis on products and services of bank;

•     Develop new  products or  services conceptualization, positioning and  identifying target market;

•   Involve in products and services development and managing existing products;

•     Conduct market research in which the Bank product/Service will be rendered to find product trends and gain a competitive edge;

•   Work closely with marketing professionals to ensure a successful launch new products;

•   Carry out mystery shopping and regularly prepare reports for decision in service delivery;

•     Develop product service pricing strategies and policies, and regularly review the bank’s terms and tariffs;

•   Regularly support the bank’s core and support process service delivery time and propose

new SDT frameworks when the need arises.

•     Handle branch regarding and customer classifications into corporate and retail customers based on sound criteria;

•   Monitor implementations of new products including carrying out pilot testing.

The ideal candidate should possess the following skills & competencies:

•   Ability to work in a team;

•   Have deep understanding of the Ethiopian Economy and government strategy;

•    Capable of working under   a highly pressured professional environment and sensitive to deadlines;

•    Ability to communicate and present (in written and orally) clearly and concisely to different audiences;

•   Ability to handle confidential and sensitive issues in a responsible and mature manner;

•   Ability to handle multiple tasks and functions independently;

•   Demonstration of strong personal commitment to learn particular skill ;

•   Good interpersonal and communication skill;

•   Responsiveness to change ;

•    Good understanding of economic theory and ability to use standard economics software to conduct research and modeling such as STATA or SPSS packages;

•    Judgment & Decision making - Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one;

•   Work under pressure and meet deadlines;

•   Demonstrative commitment to the CBE Mission, Vision, Values;

•   Persuading others to change their minds or behavior;

•    Thinking creatively - Developing, designing, or creating new applications and advertising layouts, ideas, systems, relationships;

•   Computer applications, desktop publishing skill ;



Note: Please also note that, previously the post was erroneously advertized as Researcher instead of Principal Research and Development Officer.We apologize for the inconvenience created in this regard.

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Junior Clerk 23/11/2014 External

Educational Qualification:   Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management

Work Experience:               Zero Years of experience.

Year of Graduation:              2005 and 2006 E.C

Age                                          Below 35

Salary:                                   As per the Bank’s salary scale

Term of Employment:        Permanent

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Senior Editor 23/11/2014 External

Reports to:                             Executive Assistant to the President

Place of work:                      Addis Ababa

Educational Qualification: BA degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from recognized University

Experience                           Seven years of work experience out of which threeYears should be at the capacity of Assistant    Editor –In Chief,

Salary:                   As per the Bank’s Scale

Term of Employment:      Permanent

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Technical Support Officer 23/11/2014 External

Report to                 Director- Application & Infrastructure Management


Place of Work           Addis Ababa


Educational Qualification Bsc or B.Tech in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Information Technology and related fields

Work Experience        Five year of experience in

  •  Cisco   device   configuration   and   LAN   and   WAN configuration.
  •  Firewall, Routers and Switches configuration
  • Small   or   middle   business   server   installation   or configuration
  •  UNIX operation system like HPUX, RED HAT AND AIX

Salary               As per the Bank Scale


Term of Employment  Permanent


Expected results, Duties and responsibilities and performance indicators


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications;
  •  Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks;
  • Troubleshooting  system  and  network  problems  and  diagnosing  and  solving hardware or software faults;
  •  Providing support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports;

  • Responsible  for  all  LAN  and  WAN  hardware,  software  and  data  integrity, security, all backup and recovery for all AIX, Unix, windows server and Linux Platforms.



  •  Ability to work on his/her own initiative;

  •  High quality inter-personal skills;

  • Keep abreast of new developments in software and hardware;

  • Ability to support hardware, Software and network related problems;

  • Good communication and customer support skill;


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Management Trainee 23/11/2014 External

Educational Qualification:    Master in Business Administration or Master of Art in

Finance and any other business related field


Work Experience:             Not Required

Graduation Year:              2006 E.C and 2007 E.C

Age:                                         Below 35

Salary:                         As per the Bank’s salary Scale

 Term of Employment:         Permanent

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IT Trainee 23/11/2014 External

Educational Qualification: BSC or  B.Tech in Computer Science, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering Information technology and related fields from recognized university.

Place of work:               Head Office

Work Experience:          Not required

                       Graduation Year:                 2005 and 2006 E.C

                       CGPA:                      2.5 and Above

                       Age:                        Below 35

                      Salary:                     As per the Bank’s Scale

                      Term of Employment:      Permanent

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Junior Officer 23/11/2014 External

Place of work:                Head Office and Branches under Addis Ababa area



Educational  Qualification:  BA   Degree   in   Accounting   or   Management   or Economics or Public Administration and other businessrelated fields from recognized university.


Work Experience:           Not required Graduation Year:              2006 E.C CGPA:                          2.5 and Above Age:                          Below 35

Salary:                       As per the Bank’s Scale

 Term of Employment:        Permanent

 Other required Skill:            Computer Literacy is mandatory

 Note: Qualified female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

 Schedule of registration: All Applicants whose name begins with the English Alphabet: A- H (24/11/2014-26/11/2014),


I- P (27/11/2014-29/11/2014) and

  Q- Z (30/11/2014-03/12/2014) are invited to apply only on the above stated date and the registration place is at Saris, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Human Resource Development.

Interested and qualified applicants may submit their application letter, curriculum vitae, 8th grade certificate, cost sharing, one passport size photograph and other credentials within ten consecutive days from the date of this announcement to the Director- Human Resource Development Office at our Head Office Saris 3rd  Floor, located in front of Saris Ries Engineering. Alternatively, applications may also be sent to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Director Human Resources Management, P.O. Box 255, Addis Ababa. However, the bank hasfull right to cancel or take any other alternative in this regard.


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