All the 15 districts and head office organs of CBE have registered a commendable performance during the 9 months of the 2017 Fiscal Year,AtoBekaluZeleke, president of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia  revealed.
The president made the remark during the three days meeting convened at Bahir-Dar, the capital of AmharaRegional State from April 27-29to evaluate the 2016/17 nine months performance of the Bank.
He pointed out that the achievement registered in deposit mobilization is exceptionally remarkable.
According to the performance report presented at the meeting by the Office of Strategy Management (OSM), during the nine months period, it was possible to mobilize 59.6 billion birr of deposit thus raising the Bank’s deposit to 347.1 billion birr.
More than48 billion birr was also collected from loans disbursed to various investment projects and 64.35 billion birr fresh loan made available to the private and public sectors.
With respect to electronic payment, close to 1.3 million cards were delivered.This boosts the total number of cards in the hands of customers to 3.5 million. With additional446 ATMs and 200 POS terminals, the Bank’s ATM and POS have become 1,375 and 6,696 respectively. CBE Mobile Banking active users have reportedly reached 1.3 million.