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April 24, 2018
Process Council Members

  • Ato Bekalu Zeleke

  • Ato Abay Mehari
    Vice President - Credit Management

  • Ato Mohamed Nuredin
    Vice President - Trade Services

  • Ato Seifu Bogale
    Vice President - Human Resource Management

  • Woy Melika Bedri
    Vice President - Information Systems

  • Ato Mulugeta Alemayehu
    Vice President - Customer Account Transaction Service

  • Ato Atakelt Kidanemariam
    Vice President - Finance

  • Ato Wondale Belachew
    Vice President - Credit Appraisal and Portfolio Management

  • Woy Meseret Asfaw
    Vice President - Facilities Management

  • Woz Tiruberhan Hailu
    Chief Risk and Compliance Management Officer

  • Ato Solomon Alula
    Chief Internal Auditor

  • Ato Samuel Tadesse
    Chief Legal and Loan Recovery

  • Ato Yishak Mengesha
    Chief - Business Development Officer

  • Woy. Sosina Mengesha
    Director Strategy Management